HADCON has the experience and expertise in maritime operations to assist clients identify, evaluate, prioritise and mitigate the operational risks to a level that is acceptable to all stakeholders. In the event of an incident; our emergency response and incident management strategies effectively manages the initial impact and the potential escalation of the risks. Our solutions and practices are validated and delivered to an international standard.

We can assist clients with:

  • Creating and establishing operations in new theatres
  • Production of a risk management plan identifying and monitoring the likelihood and consequences of the present and anticipated risks of the future
  • Production of security policies, procurement and an incident management strategy
  • Production of a strategic training regime that supports personnel in the effective implementation of the security policy and operation of the integrated technical systems
  • Arrange and coordinate table-top exercises and annual exercises combining all agencies
  • Coordinate management inspections and annual audits
  • Conduct independent audits of relevant processes and production of a treatment plan.