The physical assets within the maritime industry can be multifaceted with many agencies working from a standardised framework within the security management system. It is mandatory that the security policies and management processes meet the requirements of the national legislation and undergo an approval and verification process conducted by the appropriate Designated Authority or the Flag State.

HADCON’s methodology is proven with all vessel and port facility security plans being approved and verified by the Designated Authorities and Flag States.

We can assist clients with:

  • Production of a risk management plan identifying and monitoring the likelihood and consequences of the present and anticipated risks of the future
  • Production of security and incident management plans and management of integrated technical security systems
  • Create a security training regime that will provide personnel with the necessary security awareness techniques and the know-how to effectively operate the integrated technical systems
  • Arrange and coordinate table-top and annual exercises combining all agencies
  • Coordinate management inspections and annual audits.