The Maritime Industry is the world’s major transportation system delivering petroleum products and other merchandise globally. When operating internationally there are operational areas that are classified as high risk. The risks have varying degrees of impact on all stake holders and the companies are responsible for ensuring the risks associated with each operational project are assessed and a mitigation plan is implemented as / when necessary. Additionally the crew should have the statutory competences and have received the mandatory training to be operationally effective and efficient.

Hadcon vessel escort service has been developed and tailored for vessels transiting through the high risk sea areas and providing support to companies that have projects operating in areas of high risk. Hadcon multiple layered security programme has robust Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Rules of Force (ROFs) focusing on continuous assessment and using force that is appropriate to the situation.

The vessel escort service meets the standards and guidance as per the IMO MSC 1/Circ 1405/1406 and 1408.

We can assist clients with:

  • A thorough risk assessment
  • The provision of armed or unarmed security teams with specialist weapon systems and security equipment
  • On-scene survey of the vessel including the vessel’s existing defences; the operational systems aboard and recommend a treatment plan utilising BMP4 as guidance
  • Passage planning and coordination with MSCHOA and UKMTO and National convoys
  • Intelligence reports and piracy updates
  • 24/7 monitoring and operational support
  • Delivery of a anti-piracy training package and practical drills.